Automate shipment monitoring October 18th, 2018

Automate shipment monitoring

RAIN RFID automatically identifies and tracks shipments moving in and out of dock doors. The system recognises items passing through dock doors at a distance of up to 30 feet, even without without direct line-of-sight. The core of this application is the platform using RAIN RFID technology, which monitors all processes and ensures a trouble-free material and information flow.

This integrated logistics solution is provided by BlueStar together with its partner IMPINJ, a leading RFID technology supplier. Project management and technical support are part of our services.

Things move quickly in a global marketplace. With shipments coming in from around the world, distribution centres and ports need to operate at optimal efficiency to ensure goods getting to where they are meant to go. Manual tracking of pallet contents and inbound and outbound shipments can no longer keep pace with the speed of business.

Interaction between RAIN RFID labels and Impinj readers

Using RAIN RFID, incoming and outgoing shipments at dock doors are automatically tracked and the loading process is controlled efficiently.

Dock Door Verification connects real-time data about items passing through dock doors with the systems that run shipping and receiving. The Impinj platform uses battery-free and easy-to-deploy RAIN RFID technology. It identifies thousands of items per second at a distance of up to 30 feet.

Impinj-powered RAIN RFID tags are attached to pallets. They can be read from long distances and without line of sight. Impinj readers installed above loading gates identify shipment contents and the direction of movement. Goods movements can be viewed in real time in the shipping system, and potentially occurring errors are reported immediately.

Get the right stuff on the right truck, every time

Tags that are on individual items, pallets or containers are read to ensure that the right goods are on the right truck, every time. The goods sent are verified against the manifest. If a consignment is incomplete, contains the wrong items or is loaded to the wrong truck, an alert is sent immediately.

RAIN RFID also differentiates the direction of movement of the item in order to allow for cross-docking operations and double-stacked forklift loads going in one door to drop off one item, then through the next door to drop off the second item.

Tracking of reusable shipping containers is possible as well

By using RAIN-RFID labels, tracking of incoming and outgoing shipping containers can be automated. The system provides information at any time about where the containers have been sent to and when they have been returned.

Installing Impinj gateways above doorways eliminates collisions with forklifts. The gateways can be adapted flexibly to the local conditions and are proven to work in rough environments.

BlueStar offers state-of-the art RFID solutions encompassing numerous standards, frequencies, form factors and technologies. Working hand in hand with industry-leading suppliers, BlueStar provides hardware, software and value-added services necessary for implementing suitable RFID solutions.

BlueStar’s complete range of solutions provides value added resellers with optimal RFID solutions, including sales and technical project support, workshops, trainings and onsite consultancy.


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