A warehouse operation success story October 18th, 2018

A warehouse operation success story
Here’s how Russian business Fissman significantly optimised its warehouse operations and increased transparency with the Falcon X3 mobile computer.

Fissman, a leader in glassware and household items, had a history of carrying out warehouse operations on a paper-based system. Storage locations were not indicated, causing numerous errors in order pick-up and product re-sorting.

The company had to depend on the expert skills of its personnel, leading to high logistics and payroll costs with inconsistent results. Goods often had to be written off because they were lost or not counted during inventory, and fines were issued by Fissman’s partners due to late or incorrect deliveries.

The company opted for an automation system with mobile computers that would satisfy security requirements, support the existing warehouse wireless network, guarantee snappy reading of bar codes and assure battery duration for complete work shifts.

The Falcon X3 mobile computer was selected as it fully complies with all Fissman’s requirements. Its high protection class, durability, ruggedness and fast battery changing feature particularly interested the company.

The Falcon X3 also stood out for its reliable performance with the company wireless network. Warehouse operators enjoyed handling the device because it was easy to use and comfortable in the hand, without tiring, even after hours of operation.

Fissman now divides its warehouse into several zones and labels the storage cells on every shelf with barcodes. When merchandise arrives at the receiving dock, the barcodes on the boxes are read and the boxes are placed in the storage cells indicated by the system or in cells chosen by the operator.

After orders have been received and confirmed, they arrive at the warehouse in real-time. The automation system distributes the pick-up tasks among the operators, who retrieve the products from their storage cells.

The operator receives the storage cell number of the ordered item, as well as the item number and its quantity. The appropriate action is performed and confirmed by scanning the corresponding barcode with the Falcon X3, which then transmits the information in order for it to be stored in the accounting system.

This data helps create warehouse performance reports and implement personnel motivation programs. To make sure the information in the accounting system is accurate, warehouse managers can plan random inventory checks of the cells in any area of the warehouse at any time.

Using the Falcon X3, operators register stock with 100% accuracy and can trace their actions. Each action is registered in the system in real-time, allowing operators to track ongoing work in the warehouse at any time during the workday. This helps solve problems that may occur during goods delivery to customers.

In this story of success, the automation system in Fissman’s warehouse provided a comprehensive approach to optimising warehouse operations, achieving excellent all-around results.


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