4 Security trends for ISVs for 2019 March 25th, 2019

4 Security trends for ISVs for 2019

Daily life brings risk in many forms. With criminals and hackers constantly finding new ways to breach users’ systems and steal from their pockets, individuals are switching to more modern means of protecting their property. ISVs can benefit off of the chaos by constructing software services that accommodate end-users’ needs and contribute to less security rifts. The 4 security trends listed below are assisting users with smarter, faster and more effective ways to secure their property and to better control and monitor those who have access.

  1. Video Surveillance

Applications are developed for VSaaS providers that can automate and manage equipment monitoring while also formulating responses to security breaches. MSPs, VARs and ISVs can provide the feature-rich solution clients need for a monthly fee rather than an intimidating up-front payment. VSaaS offer end-users complete solutions to their dilemmas such as the following:

  • Real Time Video
  • Video Recording
  • Cloud Storage
  • Remote Management
  • Event Detection
  • Alerts
  • Security 
  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Security systems can leverage IoT technology to connect cameras, sensors, mobile devices, and people to create intelligent systems. These systems work to not only detect a security breach, but to instantly send alerts or secure specific areas. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables systems to learn common behaviours during normal operations and then in return respond when unusual behaviour takes place. A trend to look out for is computing on the edge. This helps balance the flow of data and minimise the bandwidth, required by reducing the amount of data to be transmitted to the cloud. 

  1. Facial Recognition Security

Many can benefit from adding facial recognition tools to applications. Allowing a camera to make a comparison to an image in a database is vital in securing the identity of an authorised employee or a potential assailant. Just think of all of the intruders who won’t get access to places like airports, casinos and stadiums. Facial recognition solutions are collaborating with Ultra High-Definition (UHD) cameras to provide 4K quality images and night vision to present clear photos in tricky environments.

  1. Social Media Integration

Social media platforms have increasingly become more of a relevant communications tool as time goes on, especially in emergency situations. Take natural disasters for an example. When a large monsoon or hurricane occurs throughout the world, users are able to update their whereabouts during that time to inform their friends and loved ones of their safety. Due to the consistency of this reporting trend, it’s predicted the same feature can roll over to identifying security risks and threats as well. 

ISVs are given the opportunity to relieve their customers with combined solutions to combat security issues. There’s a demand to keep facilities’ properties secure and this is right where ISVs can come into play.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.