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4 Advantages of Mobile Access Solutions December 13th, 2021

4 Advantages of Mobile Access Solutions

Features of these solutions make them the perfect access control system for the post-COVID-19 era.

Mobile access solutions have become a preferred option for many businesses. Legacy access control solutions have relied on RFID or biometrics – or even low-tech solutions comprised of locks and keys – to verify identity and grant access to restricted areas. As more businesses see the need to implement access control or upgrade their current system, the market continues to grow. Verified Market Research predicts the global access control market will grow at a CAGR of 6.35 percent to reach USD 12.31 billion by 2028.

Offering mobile access solutions can help you capitalize on this opportunity. Mobile access technology enables businesses to load credentials onto mobile devices instead of ID cards or fobs. Users only need to open the app on their smartphone, smartwatch, or other mobile device and wave it near a reader to check in or out of a facility, open door locks, use dedicated elevators, enter a parking lot, and gain authorized access to other facilities.

The technology typically uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to transmit credentials from the mobile device to the lock, gate, or access control. Mobile access control solutions are also designed to be secure, encrypting data to protect employees’ identities and credentials. Moreover, most people protect their mobile devices with passwords, PINs or biometrics, adding another layer of protection. So, unlike a card or a fob, only the user can open the mobile access solution on the device. Zebra-Security-Q3C2-eBook_Mockup-(EN)

Why Now’s the Time to Sell Mobile Access Solutions

Current trends make mobile access solution features preferred, such as:

  • Touchless operation
    Businesses and organizations are challenged to provide safe work environments in the COVID-19 era. Shared devices can breed diseases, so adapting processes to be as touch-free as possible can help keep employees healthy.

When they use their company-owned or personal device to communicate access credentials, no contact with a keypad is required – and systems can be designed to open doors, so there’s no need for employees to touch door handles.

  • Asset and data security
    Many businesses must comply with regulations that require access control to protect personal data and user privacy – easy physical access to PCs, laptops, servers can create as much of a vulnerability as an endpoint without antivirus. Mobile access control solutions are practical ways to comply and to add a layer of security.

Moreover, data isn’t the only thing that businesses need to protect. Access control solutions ensure that only authorized people have access to inventory, tools, and cash prepared for a deposit, minimizing theft and loss.

  • Easy management and scalability
    Making new keycards and fobs takes time – as well as collecting and deactivating them when an employee leaves the company. Mobile access solutions offer centralized management, giving administrators the ability to manage all employees from one dashboard. When employees join the company, resign, or change roles, it’s easy to update their credentials.

Also, the problem of lost or stolen cards is eliminated. Centralized mobile access control management enables admins to revoke permissions immediately.

  • Cost-effective
    Your clients’ employees already carry a mobile device. So, there is no added expense for a key fob or cards – or replacing lost or damaged ones.

How Will You Add Value?

Entrust-Security-Q3C2-eBook_Mockup-(EN)Your industry and IT expertise and familiarity with your clients’ operations position you well to design tailor-made mobile access solutions. Furthermore, you can integrate them with geofencing to streamline access for certain employees, a smart building system, or a contact tracing solution.

Speak to your clients in healthcare, research, military and defense, banking, data center management and manufacturing about the benefits of mobile access solutions. If they are among the businesses and enterprises looking for a better way to manage access control, you will have the solution they need.




Zebra-Security-Q3C2-eBook_Mockup-(EN) Entrust-Security-Q3C2-eBook_Mockup-(EN)