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Time to Change to the Latest Android-Based Warehousing Solutions

August 27th, 2020

eCommerce is heading its way towards exponential growth when it comes to warehousing, transport, and logistics, especially when combined with customer service virtues. The increased demand for certain products, PPE equipment, the need to ensure social distancing protocols for workers has significantly impacted supply chain processes. To combat this, some of the largest distribution centers are addressing the challenges that have come up because of the global pandemic. Stay-at-home orders not only drove sales, but impacted suppliers.

Even as restrictions lift and the pandemic moves into different reopening phases, the massive gains we’ve all seen in eCommerce adoption are here to stay. The current crisis has accelerated the growth of online shopping, in return exposing industry weaknesses that once weren’t prevalent at all. Companies that aren’t taking the steps to reevaluate their distribution model and address those weaknesses will likely lose out to their better prepared competitors. That’s where Unitech is here to help. Whether it’s scanning, forklifting, picking, stock taking, inventory managing, and logistics tracking there is hope to accomplish all of these through Unitech’s Android-Based Operating System.

Unitech’s Cost-efficient and energy-saving warehouse strategies and solutions offer an Android OS to assist with faster picking times and have improved the traceability of assets coexisting in the environment. Warehouses face difficulties with complex stock management processes including inventory, delivery, order taking, dispatching, and tracking. Unitech handheld terminal solutions offer feature-rich specifications to streamline warehouse operations. Distribution workers can rely on these devices to seamlessly connect to back-end systems with their ergonomically successful positioning.

When it comes to taking inventory management to the next level, Unitech provides all of the accuracy of a handheld barcode scanner with loads of other features such as long-range readability, ruggedized exteriors for big drops and less than desirable work environments, to even long battery life and positive network connectivity.

If you’re interested in learning more about Unitech’s advanced Warehouse Operation Solutions, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative today.

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