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The lowest cost receipt printer now comes with even more benefits

October 18th, 2018
Did you know that Star Micronics has replaced its TSP143U printer with the new TSP143IIU ECO?

The TSP100 futurePRNT series from Star Micronics successfully combines a high-performance POS printer with ground-breaking software, four-year warranty including print head and cutter.

The TSP143IIU ECO is available at the same cost as the previous model but offers much more.

The new printer is faster with money-saving ECO features including unique paper saving that could help retailers use up to 70% less paper.

This not only reduces paper consumption but means less frequent paper roll changes at the checkout, lower transportation and logistics costs.  Paper saving tools include:

  • Unique partial cut 3mm default top margin - The TSP100ECO is the only partial cut printer to achieve a 3mm top margin saving 8mm of paper for every receipt printed.
  • Receipt Auto Reduction - Automatically reduce the length and width of receipts without changing the customer’s original software setup.
  • Receipt printing on demand - using its Operator Prompt function the TSP100 ECO futurePRNT software prompts the retailer as to whether a receipt is required. The receipt can then be either cancelled or printed providing the perfect solution for low cost consumables where receipts are not essential. All cancelled receipts can be saved graphically and be reviewed or reprinted.
  • Power management - With probably the lowest power consumption of all receipt printers today, Star’s power efficient method means the printer will revert with the PC to a very low powered standby mode when not in use, while ‘instantly’ waking up when needed, saving costs and power usage.

The TSP100ECO has been designed to correspond directly to the PC it has been attached to. The printer will only activate when the PC / terminal is powered up otherwise it can remain in standby mode, thus saving power.

Most POS printers spend the major part of a day drawing current, but not printing. Star’s new power efficient method means the printer will revert with the PC to a very low powered standby mode when not in use, “instantly” waking up when needed saving costs and power usage.

The Carbon Footprint of a Point of Sale (POS) Printer is made up of the energy used during manufacture and disposal of the printer, during operation of the printer and during production of paper used by the printer. Star has endeavoured to build this printer with every ECO advantage.

Additional accessories, including splash proof covers and display stands, are also available. The printer is available is Star White, Ultra White or Charcoal Grey.

To find out more about Star printers and the latest ECO features, contact BlueStar today.

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