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Successfully migrate mobile apps to transform your organisation

December 5th, 2018

Migrating mobile apps to next-generation platforms is an essential process all organizations need to undergo, to meet modern enterprise demands. However, the move is filled with complexity. To begin with, let's discuss the driving force behind this revolution; the changing enterprise technology landscape.

Modern rugged handheld devices have become just as intuitive as consumer-grade devices. Incredibly advanced functionality within user-friendly hardware and software is removing inefficient workflows and boosting productivity. At the same time, there is a broader choice of mobile operating systems (OS) is emerging, as consumer-focused industry giants such as Android mature into genuine enterprise-ready platforms. Lastly, the biggest change is the end of support for the existing Windows mobile OS – relied upon for some $5 billion of enterprise application investments worldwide. Organizations running Windows-based rugged devices today will need to select an alternative OS, acquire new devices and re-write their Apps before Microsoft support ends in 2020.

There are many benefits to migrating your apps to modern mobility platforms:

  • transforming inefficient workflows and processes
  • boosting productivity
  • enhancing employee and customer experiences
  • Delivering real competitive advantage and increased ROI.

These benefits apply across all industries, from retail to transportation and logistics to manufacturing and healthcare. Equipping employees with the same technology their customers have on their smartphones can be critical in maintaining relevance. Modern mobile technology is essential for all facets of the supply chain from the production line to the warehouse, to delivery and the store floor. The workforce mobility revolution enables businesses to re-evaluate what is possible from a business process and workflow standpoint and redefine their applications to harness the benefits. There is no one-size-fits-all route. Solutions that take into consideration the types of apps, operating systems, tools and services available are what enterprises need to migrate their app portfolios effectively.

Our partner Zebra specializes in enterprise mobility solutions that maximize the opportunities presented by industry change. Their products and services help enterprises migrate their mobile applications in the best way for their organisation. Click here to read in more detail the reasons behind app migration, the process organizations need to go through, the choices they need to make, and the ways to successfully navigate through the process, as presented by Zebra. Contact BlueStar today for more information.

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