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Stronger Together: Barcode and RFID Identification Work Together to Provide Improved Tracking and Tracing Solutions

June 16th, 2020

Did you know that RFID and Barcode Identification technologies complement each other? RFID is often touted as a replacement to barcoding, but the reality is that both technologies are often used together, and both will be around for years to come.  They should not be viewed as competitive technologies, rather a conscious choice should be made whether to use one, the other or both. When used together, as with a “smart label” that is printed and encoded with a thermal printer, the combined solution can provide a number of benefits. 

Print & Encode

The Automotive industry in particular leverages the advantages of combined RFID and barcode systems. It has been a pioneer in creating and implementing standards for solutions in open-loop supply chains. Many other verticals and industries – including Pharmaceuticals, the Chemical industry, Aviation, Healthcare, Retail, and Food & Beverage – often follow and even adopt the standards shaped by the Automotive Industry.

Challenging On-Metal Tags

On-metal tags typically include a foam insulator and metal foil backing that makes them incompatible with most standard RFID printer/encoders.  But not so with the Printronix Auto ID RFID industrial printers.  They were engineered specifically to handle such media.  Being able to encode and print on-metal tags makes the industrial RFID printer range ideal for cost-effective asset tagging of tools and equipment, such as IT servers, safety deposit boxes, or gas canisters as used in manufacturing, supply chain, IT, healthcare, and service yard industries. Printronix Auto ID’s RFID printers are easy to calibrate and have the built-in capability to back-up and completely overstrike RFID labels that fail to encode properly. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this Printronix Printing Solution and its range of initiatives, be sure to contact your BlueStar representative today!

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