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Stepping up to the Challenges of Warehouse Inventory Management

June 12th, 2020

In these ever-evolving times, there is a lot of pressure placed on warehouse workers who are just trying to make their deadlines and make sure all challenges are handled. The ongoing inventory management processes require the correct tools and equipment for data collection, so they can avoid any interruptions to core tasks and jobs, such as incoming and outgoing goods, and stock audits. A shift without any interruptions is a shift well spent. Long battery lives are perfect for a warehouse with a huge inventory to get through, especially if there is no place close to charge a battery, while on the job.

A helpful hint would be to invest in tools and equipment that are user friendly. Devices that are easy and intuitive to use speed up deployment and keep the employee satisfaction on a high level. No matter the work environment, inside or outside, rain or shine, there is a definite need for equipment that can operate under any unseen or predicted workplace climate. Concrete floors, higher-up shelves, and unstable metal shelves/furniture present an interesting obstacle if the item scanner were to be dropped, or bumped and the device is not of a sturdy enough build to withstand these kinds of hits without breaking.

Accidents and mishaps happen, that’s no surprise. Incoming products can arrive in a damaged state. Deploying tools with a built-in camera is a cost-efficient way of ensuring that item data and pictures for potential incident reports can be easily captured straight away. As goods are coming in and out of your facility, it’s important to make sure scanning is reliable, to catalogue each shipment accordingly. Furthermore, a device that supports scanning readability for up to 15 meters can keep the worker on the ground, while they are reading labels higher up on the shelf, promoting overall workplace safety and security.

The design of Nordic ID’s products is known to operate under any environment. There will be no need to take off gloves just to operate the equipment, for the daily workflow can still function onward. Their line of Android-based devices also features a long battery life, for up to 18 hours of usage, a lightweight feel and Gorilla Glass for heavy duty work environments. Be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative today to learn more today!

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