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RFID Readers and Antennas – Productivity is in the air

October 18th, 2018
Honeywell offers mobile readers, fixed readers, vehicle-mounted readers and a comprehensive line of RFID antennas.

Honeywell’s mobile RFID readers include mobile computers with integrated RFID reading capability and a separate RFID sled that can be attached to several models of Honeywell mobile computers. The mobile readers are appropriate for a wide variety of applications, including inventory management, baggage tag reading, maintenance and inspection, tool management, and others. Mobile RFID readers feature a variety of connectivity options to allow on-the-go reading of RFID tags.

Honeywell’s fixed RFID readers provide high-performance RFID tag reading for applications such as electronic highway tolling, warehouse portals, inventory management, and border crossings. Honeywell’s vehicle-mounted RFID reader provides unique capability for RFID reading applications directly from forklifts, garbage trucks, and other moving conveyances.

Honeywell’s RFID readers reduce network traffic by filtering data to transmit only what is required. Most models support application development that allows customized treatment of RFID data before sending it over the network. Honeywell also provides a full line of antennas suitable for most applications. Several combinations of gain, polarization, and radiation patterns are available. All Honeywell RFID readers support the EPC Gen 2 standard.

What is EPC? The EPC comprises a combination of the GS1 Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) and a serial number, which together is called the SGTIN. The EPC also comprises RFID-specific fields.

Overall, Honeywell provides many tools for RFID solutions, e.g. 

  • H-Class high-performance industrial RFID printers
  • I-Class Mark II industrial RFID printers
  • A-Class RFID print engines
  • Smart label supplies
  • Rigid passive tags
  • Secure passive tags
  • Fixed RFID readers
  • Handheld RFID readers and
  • Forklift RFID readers.

 What software can be used with the Honeywell RFID solution? 

Honeywell Datamax-O’Neil has teamed up with Seagull Scientific to develop Windows® printer drivers. In the context of this collaboration, Honeywell Datamax-O’Neil has worked closely with Seagull to add RFID encoding capabilities. Honeywell also has ongoing relationships with all the leading AIDC label generation software vendors who have added RFID capabilities to their products. There are also commands established with the Honeywell Datamax-O’Neil Programming Language (DPL) to send RFID commands to the printer.

For readers, Honeywell has developed a simple interface named Basic Reader Interface (BRI). Honeywell readers also support EPCglobal’s Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP). Multiple partners have developed packages utilizing both protocols to address a wide range of applications.

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