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RFID in the automotive sector

December 6th, 2019

The automotive industry is a competitive place and has become more innovative in the last decade. And thanks to globalisation it has led to a fierce competition between the automotive companies worldwide. The choices given to consumers, to be able to personalise as much as possible, has become the normality. This is creating growth in expensive product variants in the automotive industry. And evidently, we are seeing new digital and engineering technology being amalgamated into the products, which are being developed. If we investigate one particular facet of innovation in the industry, it would be RFID technology. 

Identification is a critical phase in the manufacturing process. With RFID systems, manufacturers can cover every identification need from the parts in the workshop until the car leaves the shop. With RFID solutions, the identification of each piece, and each vehicle is reliable and updated in real-time. It is essential in making sure that the labels are readable, detectable, and secured onto the items when delivered. Otherwise, it can impact not only profitability and productivity, but poor-quality labels can also lead to loss of contracts and delayed shipments. 

With the correct RFID technology, it is not only reliable and quick, but it is also resistant to the roughness of manufacturing, such as the high temperatures or corrosives substances. It is essential to make sure when purchasing RFID labels that they have been tested correctly. As not all ribbon solutions have been created the same, and their performances vary in different environments. So for that, we suggest RFID solutions by Zebra Technologies! 

Why Choose Zebra for your RFID solutions? 

When choosing an RFID label, it is important to select the right manufacturer, which makes sure you have the best-performing labels for your environment. With Zebrayou can be certain that the labels have been intensively tested and reviewed to make sure you will get the best solution for you.  

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