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Pioneering technology for patient care

December 6th, 2019

In the hospital, there are countless demands on your time – from locating patient forms to EHR data entry. What these hospitals need then is pioneering technology that smooths disruptions and improves clinician well-being while simplifying cumbersome tasks – so you can focus on what's important – patient care. 

What does the future of healthcare look like for patients to come?  

Healthcare technology trends are peaking with so many features within the industry. These clinician-friendly solutions can work to enable EHR compliance and communication flows, throughout staffed individuals.  


  • Perfecting Remote Asset Management & Analytics  

With the power of influencing remote management, hospitals and care centers can successfully ensure that IT assets are secured, up-to-date, and performing well around the clock.  

  • Utilizing a Comprehensive Security System

Extending the life cycled and the advancing the built-on security features that can place a guard around sensitive patient data in EHRs and other Protected Health Information (PHI) will become even more important in the future. 

  • Learn to Future-Proof Technology 

Healthcare-oriented mobile solutions combined with operational intelligence work to enable a foundation for trends to come.  

  • Get Rugged with your Design

Last thing you will for sure need is devices that can support anything from infection prevention protocols to even responding directly to personalized and unique physical demands within the hospital environment. 

Honeywell meets your requirements 

When it comes to securing positive patient care practices, there are a plethora of Honeywell devices that can do the job well. The CT40 Healthcare Mobile Computer streamlines workflows and simplifies the way you work. This mobile solution seamlessly integrates into any existing hardware/software investments, while still keeping patient data secure. For healthcare professionals who are looking to expand their company owned iOS device-reach. The Honeywell Captuvo Sled transforms familiar smartphones into hospital-ready devices to provide patients with necessary information on an as-needed basis. Lastly the RPe Series Printer can ensure high-quality printed barcode labels will be produced, so staff members can minimize equipment downtime on the job.  

With Honeywell, you can mitigate the risk of business disruption at any level. If you express any further interest in how Honeywell can benefit and relieve your healthcare needs, please contact your BlueStar representative today.  

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