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Online Receipt Printing and Order Printing Made Simple

May 18th, 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 conditions circulating around the world, many quick service restaurants and ‘dine-in’ restaurants have either been temporarily shut down or have been presented with service restrictions. Due to those complications, many are struggling to keep the money flow pouring in, so online ordering and many other tactics have been implemented. Customers would then drive up to the location and pick up the order, curbside or by driving-thru to collect the order.

Even before the current situation struck, mobile and omni-channel models were growing. When it comes to Online Shopping, there are some advantages; it’s quick, easy, user-friendly and can encourage customers to shop online more often, due to the 24/7 access, promoting repeat buisness. With the increase of Cloud-Based orders and requests presents a new set of challenges from the POS hardware perspective. For example, how would you provide a receipt from a tablet, web shop, or online menu?

Star Micronics’ CloudPRNT works to enable users to Star printers directly through a cloud service, to aid in online ordering methods to store and communicate print jobs, and communicate its status with the printer.  This printing technology provides benefits to both restaurants and retail stores by eliminating the need for an extra tablet to send the correct orders to the printer. Instead, the ordering service is able to communicate directly to the printer.

Star CloudPRNT for WooCommerce integrates perfectly together, providing SMBs with the ability to develop an online ordering presence with minimal set-up time and expenses required. Retailers and hospitality operators are always look to expand their business to the online realm, collecting online sales and assisting customers with online ordering, click & collect, and around the clock support. WooCommerce, built and created on WordPress allows businesses to build the storefront they want to sell online and in turn transform their space into a large habitat for customers.

The plug-in enables, free-of-charge automatic, printing of receipts, invoices, and delivery slips. It’s compatible with Star’s CloudPRNT printer range, as well as the mC-Print series alongside the TSP650II or TSP700II for 80mm receipts or the TSP800II series for 112mm receipts, with the unique HIX interface.

If you are interested in learning more about the Star CloudPRNT solutions today, be sure to contact your BlueStar representative today.

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