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Moving from paper cards to advanced card printers: A Success Story

October 18th, 2018

Being in the hospitality industry most probably means that you deal with printing cards for various reasons. Either it is for an event, of for the buffet of the restaurant, these cards need to be in the best shape and form, be cost and time efficient, and most importantly they need to meet the EU regulations on allergens and on food information to consumers. However, trying to achieve all these, can be rather challenging when using paper cards, which after a while become frayed, with turned-up corners and as a result convey an unprofessional message. That is why switching to an advanced food safe card printer solution is an essential move for any company in the hospitality industry.

What does an advanced food safe card printer solution have to offer?

Food safe card solutions ensure professionalism and offer multiple benefits to any company. Primarily, the cards are hygienic and washable, making them compliant with EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation. In addition, they save time and costs and have reduced environmental footprints, making them environmental friendly. At the same time, using advanced card printers means that you can secure uniformity across all cards and that way build a consistent strong brand across all your touch points with your audience.

One of the companies that made the switch to advanced card printers is Scandic Hotels, the largest Nordic hotel operator. After facing several difficulties due to paper cards, Scandic Hotels in Denmark decided to approach Zebra in order to obtain a professional and flexible food safe card solution compliant with EU regulations. All buffet cards are now printed at the hotels on the Zebra ZXP Series 1 Printer.

Looking for something more?

As your business’ needs never stop evolving, Zebra keeps innovating to meet and exceed your needs. The new Zebra ZC100 adds extra printing capabilities, making it easy-to-use and secure card printer, with the most innovative ‘fit everywhere’ design. Click here and be one of the first ones to learn all about the newest ZC100.

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