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More deliveries during peak times and happier guests

October 18th, 2018

The time window between a delicious hot meal and a cold or lukewarm dish is small, and restaurant operators know that winning and keeping happy customers means operating within this timeframe. However, in larger restaurants, or self-seating locations, offering timely table service is not always easy. To keep diners happy and orders coming, restaurants are turning to the RAIN RFID technology by Impinj and Frequentiel to make sure customers get their meals straight from the kitchen.

Intelligent Table Service uses a­ffordable RAIN RFID tags integrated into paper receipts or cards. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID technology that is battery-free and easy to deploy and provides real-time detection of the customer’s location, whether he or she is seated or moving around.

How does it work?

Customers receive a card or receipt containing a RAIN RFID tag after placing their orders at a counter or self-serve kiosk. RAIN RFID gateways installed overhead in restaurant dining rooms track the movement of customers and pinpoint their locations.

Restaurant staff­ sees the location of the waiting customer in real time on a map, helping them to deliver food without unnecessary delay, indoors as well as outdoors. This ensures that the customer is always served fresh and well-tempered food, leaving him or her happy with the professional service, which is not always easy to accomplish during peak times. 

The technology also reduces the stress on staff and spares them valuable time otherwise wasted on reconfirmations, allowing them to completely focus on service and the customer’s needs. Faster deliveries help serve more customers and take additional orders placed by newcomers.

RAIN RFID solutions and the intelligent table service application enable restaurant managers to gain insight into customers’ traffic patterns, service level metrics and other analytics based on real-time data. Impinj’s technology is easy to integrate into the ordering or POS system and the restaurant infrastructure.

Our vendor IMPINJ has developed a solution called Intelligent Table Service to allocate swift service to tables in fast food restaurants. In cooperation with major vendors and integrators,  BlueStar is at the cutting edge of technology for hospitality to provide the ultimate solution for fast food restaurants. BlueStar has great competence in POS solutions, helping you to identify the opportunities in the hospitality market.

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