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Mobile payments: opportunities are now realities

October 18th, 2018
The ability to add card transactions and receipt printing options to Android and Windows 10 devices is a real game changer in today’s mobile world.

These ‘off the shelf’ devices mean that anyone who needs to add payment functionality to a mobile device can easily do so. From a delivery driver taking payment on a doorstep to a staff member at a pop-up shop, the fact is that a transaction can now be done by anyone, anywhere.

There will be no need to queue again, as anyone with a handheld terminal running Android or Windows 10 will be empowered to take mobile payments and offer instant receipts.

To facilitate this payment revolution, BlueStar offers a number of options to help resellers offer a complete package to end users. It’s a great way to offer quicker payments and look at selling extra services on the fly. 

BlueStar offers a number of rugged mobile computers to help get started, from Honeywell, Datalogic and Zebra.

When combined with card from readers from iZettle, Paypal Here or Pago Payments, users can instantly create handheld terminals with Bluetooth card readers.

These readers offer swipe, insert and contactless payments with each transaction only taking a matter of seconds. The iZettle reader for example takes five seconds per transaction, has a battery life of 8 hours or 100 transactions and can be easily charged through USB or the iZettle Dock. 

Meanwhile, the Paypal Here option offers integrated software solutions, allowing users to customise their business profile and receipts. It also helps avoid customer chargebacks by stating return policies and creating a recognisable card statement name for a business.

Pago offers an End-to-End mPOS Solution, with the iCMP mobile payments device providing the mobile card acceptance piece of an end-to-end mPOS solution (including an mPOS application) with an integrated suite of mCommerce management tools and payment processing solutions. All these services can be fully branded and localised to meet the needs of any merchant worldwide.

It’s easy to also add a wireless printer so that you can offer reciepts from anywhere. Wireless portable receipt printers are compact, lightweight and reliable. They are designed for a range of Mobile POS (MPOS), Mobile Ticketing and Mobile Payment applications. 

Modern devices are easy-to-use with simple “Drop-In & Print” paper loading and a long battery life.

BlueStar offers a number of bundle package options that offer a simple solution to end users who require a complete set up that will get their business up and running. Custom bundles are also available.

Find out more about BlueStar bundles here.

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