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Data Capture: The driving force of modernization in the supply chain

March 18th, 2020

The state of the supply chain is highly impacted by digitalization, even though it’s not yet spread throughout the channel. A study conducted last year revealed that 85% of retailers still don’t have their supply chain management automated from end-to-end. Furthermore, a staggering 46% of those claimed that they still mainly depend on manual processes, and of those 65% reported that they are a year or more away from digitally transforming their supply chain Is end-to-end automation of the supply chain really that difficult to implement?

Looking at things realistically, however, meeting up with customers’ evolving demands can be difficult, especially when it comes to keeping up with delivery time-frame expectations. This being said, companies need to learn how to find new ways to increase the speed of production, flow, and delivery of such goods. The quality must also be intact as well, when it comes to the accuracy and traceability of the products in mind. Automated Data Capture and Machine Vision functionalities are especially critical in achieving these goals.

Many quality control systems can be quite time and labour-intensive for companies, which will show a significant slow-down in the production process. Imaging technologies can be put to use to identify errors on the production line, before they go out onto the sales floor. Machine vision software works as a fix to these issues, without the need for additional production steps.

When it comes to maximizing on the most accurate and real-time inventory visibility, some companies worry that their stock isn’t carrying enough to meet the daily demand. Since practically the beginning of time, hand-held scanners have been used to track goods throughout their journey in the supply chain, but companies are looking for a better means of tracing and tracking goods to better enable forecasting and product availability.

The supply chain can really benefit from internal and external acceleration in the distribution centre. Workers utilize scanning technologies for parcel capture and shipment tracking, which is a large part of the distribution process, to provide full and immediate visibility of the shipment status.

Datalogic’s line of products and services are able to assist warehouse and distribution centres with an array of needs, especially when it comes to tracking and maintaining inventory and stock on the floor. If you’re interested in learning more about Datalogic’s solutions, contact your BlueStar representative today!

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