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Marvelling in today’s distribution centre automation

December 2th, 2019

The days working out in the warehouse have come a long way over the years, especially as accommodating equipment gets an upgrade. Stock management processes such as inventory monitoring, delivery, order-taking, dispatching, and tracking require a lot of attention to streamline these complex processes affectively.   

The days of painstaking manual labour are over, as the flow of assistive warehouse technology is ushered into today’s fulfilment and distribution centresMany customers are even requesting custom configurated and personalised orders to be added to their purchase, complicating the distribution workers’ workload. The automated distribution model, bids paper-oriented tracking farewell, and directs works exactly where to go, so they can pick and pack without any lag.  

In distribution centres across the globe, many companies are struggling with labour shortages throughout their workforce. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the estimated annual employee turnover rate in the warehouse sector is 40%. Finding workers with the accurate skill capacity is quite difficult everywhere in the world. To combat this obstacle by investing in automated processes on the DC floor is encouraged.  

Automated technologies can look like anything, really. From robots, co-bots, and handheld mobile barcode scanners, these devices can help to take a stand against labour shortages and actually boost productivity levels on the clock. For those DCs who aren’t quite acclimated with automated solutions on their warehouse floor, there are solutions available for companies of all sizes and commitment levels.  

Whether a distribution centre is struggling with keeping up with orders coming in and going out on the receiving/cross deck, or efficiently managing and storing inventory products, or perhaps even picking the correct item, Honeywell’s wide array of products can come to the rescue.   

To learn more about these innovative warehouse devices, contact us today so we can locate the right solution for your company!  

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