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How to Support Supply Chain as Demands on Transport and Logistics Industry Surges

September 14th, 2020

As the demand for warehousing and transportation surges across the world, logistics firms have been working around the clock to continue supplying essential goods for the most important businesses in the channel. Due to COVID-19 and the mass furlough of employees across the world, many have been out of work, and companies unable to make their outgoing quota of shipments. Real-time visibility into how the warehouse is processing and tracking inventory numbers and a product’s availability.

SATO, in particular, is working with transport and logistics firms to drive down time between deliveries with RFID tagging solutions to automatically sort, direct and track pallets, cartons, and intermediate bulk containers without human intervention. This is done to promote social distancing measures so that they can continue working and prospering forward.

For those who are working in Distribution Centers and Warehouses, they don’t get to work from home or participate in the quarantine, because they qualify as essential workers. Businesses have continuously operated by air, rail, sea, and land to adapt to the changing business environment, while finding themselves under extremely intense pressure to meet the demand. When speed is of the essence, ensuring that hardware devices are clean and sanitized, software solutions are operating fully and smoothly to improve accuracy and boost efficiency.

The health and safety of workers is obviously placed on the front line of priority as well. Human error is likely to take place in any workplace, especially as illness looms everywhere. Sometimes technology devices and larger robots can reduce error and save on crucial time, so that the goal can be accomplished.

During these unprecedented times, SATO has vowed to support the supply chain while still striving to find solutions and ensuring the safety of all employees. If you’re interested in learning more about how SATO is sticking to this commitment, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative today!

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