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Here's how the first fully automated 'Cash and Carry' was launched in Denmark

October 18th, 2018

Introducing an automated system into a retail store represents a cutting-edge project that needs the right technology in place if it is to be a success.

Take Inco for example, a Danish cash and carry chain and long-standing customer of BlueStar partner Datalogic from the first generation of Joya devices.

After being very satisfied with the performance of Datalogic mobile computers, the Inco store in Copenhagen has added self-shopping devices to the classic conveyor belt system to create a fully automated check-out system.

Like most cash and carry stores, customers are professionals and not the regular point of sale buyers. But products are not simply boxed and packaged. The bulk product is in fact displayed on shelves as in a traditional store, giving it the appearance of a supermarket. 

After migrating to Joya Touch, in August 2016 Inco opened its new store in Glostrup, a suburb near Copenhagen. Designed to be equipped exclusively as a self-shopping system, without any kind of cashier-staffed check-out, the Inco store was the first and to date the only fully automated cash and carry.

 With the solution being based on the Joya Touch, Inco can cover customer facing activities such as self-shopping just as well as professional applications like inventory management.

In addition to self-checkout, which takes less than a minute, the same Joya Touch device can also be used for warehouse and in-store related activities. With a simple switch between applications already on the Joya, it is possible to shift from the purchasing environment to warehouse management.

The Datalogic ShopEvolution software package, customised to Inco’s specific requirements, makes it easy to perform back-office analysis, constantly monitoring the status of all devices in the store.

Joya Touch 

  • Multi-purpose device: handheld or pistol-grip options
  • Wireless charging with ‘Boost Mode’ and versatile locking 3 bay cradle
  • Datalogic SoftSpot technology for innovative triggering through touch display
  • Vibration feature to inform users & 2D imaging technology
  • Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for visual good-read feedback.

ShopEvolution 7 

  • Full support to the complete Joya family as well as smartphones
  • Cloud support
  • Easy to integrate and customise
  • Enhanced consumer engagement features
  • Internal promotion and loyalty points engine and support for external engine.

The solution covers both customer facing as well as professional activities, brings a fast ROI for the user and helps customers to automate their processes while enhancing customer experience at the same time. This results in more customer loyalty, reduced cost and better customer service.

Find out more about the benefits experienced by Inco here.

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