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Error proof ways to improve patient safety

October 18th, 2018
Whether working in the public or private sector, healthcare providers face multiple challenges.

From maintaining accurate medical records and reducing data errors, through improving security, to continually enhancing the standard of care, they have their work cut out. Clinical errors simply aren’t acceptable and it’s why governments around the world have developed stringent legislation related to patient records to protect people’s lives.

Understanding how important it is that medical practices comply and exceed legislative requirements, Zebra has designed a series of simple solutions that solve these complex problems. At the heart of the Zebra range is the notion of giving every patient and asset a unique digital footprint, which can all be managed in real time. Now Zebra customers can be sure that they will make better decisions using up to the minute information, improving patient care and safety, as well as keeping the medical environment secure and cost efficient.

In practice, this means that the right patient gets the right care, at the right time - a critically important requirement. Zebra healthcare technology solutions therefore connect together all the different people – medical providers, practitioners, pharmacies, blood administrators and caregivers, to name just a few - with patients and their data to ensure best practice. 

Zebra’s full suite of technologies is specifically designed for the healthcare environment and includes both the hardware such as wristband and label printers, scanners and mobile computers, and the software that provides up to the second visibility of patient records needed to keep the care environment efficient and safe. 

Above all the range is designed around the mission critical process of accurate and fast data capture. For instance, scanners can capture virtually any barcode, on any medium, in any condition as well as images, documents and signatures all with first-time accuracy.

Using Zebra solutions the medical profession can:
  • Streamline admission with the ability to capture and append electronic versions of documents to patient files — from insurance cards and driver’s licenses to healthcare proxies
  • Ensure proper patient identification with the ability to capture photos of faces and other identifying marks
  • Scan barcodes to indicate when a patient arrives and leaves a room providing real-time visibility of bed status, minimising patient wait times and improving bed utilisation
  • Error proof the medication supply chain from pharmacy to patient
  • Error proof specimen management, ensuring that the right patient receives the right diagnosis and the right treatment
  • Ability to scan the barcode on a meal tray and the patient wristband so that the right patients receive the right meal
  • Enable cost effective real time inventory visibility throughout the hospital, ensuring timely ordering of mission critical supplies
  • Scan consumables at the patient bedside to capture all charges, protecting the hospital’s financial health.

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