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Connected Retail Enterprises Grow 300% Faster, Delivering Higher Customer Satisfaction

May 27th, 2020

When it comes to keeping up with retail enterprises, the devices are really where it’s at, when it comes delivering a higher customer satisfaction rate. Powerful and ruggedized, a new and advanced line of mobile PDA computers can work to access enterprise networks and public networks at the same time, empowering one’s workforce with high productivity and sales trends. PDA computers can help improve customer experiences, enterprise productivity and profitability by providing real-time data visibility between the front, middle, and back office functions.

It’s foreseen that a connected retail environment made perfect for online retailing, exponential growth can come, especially when it comes to upholding expectations among customers for real-time engagement to provide better experiences across every touch point in the buying process, inside and out. Armed with enterprise-grade mobile computers, retail employees are able to capture and report insightful data for real-time use, while also collaborating deeper into crafted strategies.

By connecting data streams from Point of Sales (POS) through customer service, warehousing, and distribution throughout the supply chain, retailers can deliver a more seamless experience and drive growth to their enterprises, while still being able to respond to the demands of tomorrow. Mobile solutions for enterprises mean that retail employees don’t have to go to workstations to check inventory numbers, which can save time, secure sales, and boost morale. At the same time, customers can expect that same response as well. PDA computers can help offer faster services, reduced wait times, and even personalised customer experiences.

Once retail operations are connected by mobile computers, technology can hold a huge impact on a company’s efficiency, employee productivity, engagement, collaboration and communication. That’s especially essential in today’s retail environment. With a lot of processes being shut down or restricted due to the COVID-19 outbreak, simplifying some major steps in the retail world can really assist with the flow of work.

To learn more about how Datalogic’s Enterprise PDA devices can aid in Retail operations, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative today.  

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