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Combat food waste with sustainable mobile labelling solution

December 5th, 2018

A common problem of our century is the tons of food wasted around the world every year. Specifically in France, there are 10 million tons of food lost or wasted on a yearly basis, according to the French Agency for the Environment and Energy (ADEME). That is why Comerso, a food services specialist, decided to help to prevent food waste for one of France’s largest retailers, Systéme U.

 By using an on-demand, linerless label printing solution Comerso helped to draw the consumer's attention to end-of-life products. Comerso worked with SATO to implement this linerless label printing solution. The system, which utilizes SATO's TH2 and PW2NX Series portable label printers and specially designed hands-free adaptor kits for trolleys, connects automatically to the Systéme U network and database to automate mark-downs for operators. This system incorporates SATO linerless labels, which are pressure sensitive labels without a release liner. According to Benoit Gourlay, Business Development Manager at SATO France, “The SATO system removes the possibility of input error and saves on paper and backing liner waste. At a glance, the customer can identify the saving they'll make if they choose a marked-down item.”

By incorporating SATO's intuitive TH2 and PW2NX Series printers, Systéme U has increased its resale rate of marked-down items by up to 85%. Furthermore, SATO's track and trace technology, allows the company to review its unsold items against future orders. Phillipe Merlet, IT and Quality Manager at Comerso adds: “Food waste is something we are serious about combating in France. We're delighted to have streamlined Systéme U's mark-down process as a result of our partnership with SATO. We can now highlight our end-of-life products to our customers in a few simple steps; saving them money and preventing unnecessary waste.” At the same time, these labels are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, meaning that Systéme U is not only preventing unnecessary food waste but also reduces its carbon footprint.


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