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Cash and market solutions with mobile printers for the humanitarian sector

May 24th, 2019

When a natural disaster strikes, an economy collapses, or conflict erupts, some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are there to help, by trying to cover all urgent needs for food, water, and shelter.  In order for NGOs to provide all the help they can to the in-danger areas they need to gather money and make secure payments for all the necessary supplies. Companies have helped NGOs with creating various flexible cash and market solutions, such as e-vouchers, smart cards, and e-cash or SMS mobile money. However, when it comes to more remote countries, such as Nigeria, where electricity is not that stable, and the environment is harsh, different solutions are required. 

A solution for every environment 

Red Rose, a company supporting NGOs, created a contactless e-money solution, called ONESystem, which allows NGOs to provide all different types of support and aid at the touch of a button. ONESystem also provides vouchers, smart cards, and SMS mobile money, as well as remote, real time management both online and offline. 

How does it work? 

Beneficiaries are registered and given a smart card or wristband in a matter of minutes. All relevant information such as name, age, vulnerability criteria, and more are being recorded into a unique profile for each. Then the transfer of cash or a combination of other modalities can start. Vendors are using a handheld terminal where they input the order and the beneficiary simply swipes the smart card over the terminal and the purchase is complete. In order to finalise the transaction, two multi-language receipts are being printed on demand, one for the vendor and one for the beneficiary.  

For the purposes of this solution, Red Rose has used a reliable, robust mobile thermal printer, TSC’s Alpha-3R. TSC's powerful portable Bluetooth printers are generally the smartest choice for convenient receipt and document printing on demand in warehousing and retail, in healthcare, for onboard transportation, ticketing and for mobile ticketing in a public service setting. 

Either it is for the humanitarian sector, or any other area where the environment allows limited technology only, contact BlueStar Europe to get your own mobile TSC printer, with which you can support and react to requests and needs, also from small regions, while not adding business only, but also providing tools! 

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