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Improved restaurant operations with POS Printers

March 17th, 2020

Whether you’re working in the Quick Service Restaurant industry, where you’re struggling to keep up with the rapid onset of orders coming in both through mobile devices and over the phone, or if you’re a Sous Chef waiting to perfectly plate an exquisite meal at the 5-Star Hotel Restaurant that you’re working at, the power of a good receipt printer knows no end. That receipt holds all of the necessary information needed to keep your reviews at five stars and your customers happy enough to leave with full stomachs and happy hearts.

In the world of POS Printers, these devices hold the capability to manage and complete a series of tasks throughout the workday. From processing queue management, kitchen orders, self-service kiosks, and weighing scales, to allow one the ability to possess a unit that can multitask, all while saving time and money is essential in progressing forward in business. Making sure that your printer unit stay consistent throughout your restaurant means that everyone will stay on the same page when it comes to training and communication purposes.

Citizen’s array of POS printers can help optimize your restaurant operations and return with better and more efficient workflow for all of the staff members. The CT-S4000 comes prepped with a compression drive that allows for stand A4 documents to be scaled and fitted properly to receive receipt information. The CT-E351/561 offer a sleek design and perfect compact sign, making it the best aesthetic for the more conscious retailers. These can be mounted to self-service kiosk queue lines for the trendier boutique bars and restaurants. Lastly, the most renowned of Citizen’s printers is the CT-S801II that exhibits an LCD screen, allowing for a print speed of up to 300mm per second. This printer would be perfect for printing food orders, as well as any other special requests that come in from the front of house.

Through the collaborative power of Citizens printers and the need for POS capabilities in the restaurant environment, there is reassurance that they can accomplish the best customer satisfaction rates amongst their audience.

To learn more about Citizen’s POS Printers made perfectly for Restaurateurs managing a hectic kitchen. Contact BlueStar today to learn more.

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