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4 Reasons retailers should upgrade to area imagers

December 2th, 2019

Out with the old and in with the new. Traditionally speaking, the days of laser scanners reading linear barcodes is nearly out the door. Though this advancement greatly simplified the checkout experience, there are new updates around the corner, especially with the massive power of Area-Imaging scanners and how they are taking over the retail space. Retailers can benefit immensely in daily operations by adopting area-imaging scanners into their store-front shop. From boosting internal mobile marketing programs, to collecting data right from the mobile screen of a customer’s loyalty app to receive rewards, there are many perks centred around this trending device.  

Laser Area-Imaging Scanners are able to perform all of the features that an entire point-of-sale system can manage. Retail employees are able to enhance productivity and complete more tasks with the same attempt. There are many reasons why retailers are upgrading their hardware and software services:  

1. A jump in loyalty program enrollment 

Almost every retail brand has utilised the power of a mobile rewards/loyalty program nowadays. They keep customers interested and in-the-know about new updates, product releases, and clearance coupons. Area-Imaging Scanners can reduce the time it takes to enroll new shoppers into your custom program. With just a simple scan of the reader, the job is done. The Honeywell EasyDL™ software works in coordination and can easily scan barcodes without any struggle. 

2. Simplifying usage  

No matter where you shop, often times associates have a difficult time scanning your coupon’s barcode. Many factors can play into this, but often times it’s due to the functionality of the hardware, itself. The ergonomically industrial design of Area-Imaging Scanners helps the retail employee to read barcodes more simply, no matter what its orientation or habitat. 

3.Quick & easy age verification 

Often times, employees will need to scan shoppers’ government-issued driver’s licenses for age-restricted purchases, such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. The Honeywell EasyDL™ also comes to the rescue by allowing the efficient capture of the customer’s age, license expiration date, and other credentials needed in order for the transaction to be completed.  

4.Flipping the script with bioptics 

If a customer wants to redeem a coupon but is only able to present it from their mobile device, this creates some complications; not for the coupon’s quality, but for the employee on the other side of the counter reaching out for the cellular device. This assumes if the device were to drop or fall, the employee would be held responsible. To combat this fear, customer-facing 2D handheld and fixed scanners enhance the overall checkout experience, and also provide some relief by eliminating the potential for damaged property.  

Here at BlueStar Europe, we work alongside Honeywell within the mPOS, ePOS, payment, and Automatic Identification and Data Capture industries, allowing us to bring the best technology together. Contact us today with your retail technology needs and we will be here to provide a solution for you! 

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